Philly-based Hip-Soul artist Masie Blu delivers futuristic vibes - AFROPUNK

The best lyrics read like a diary and sound like a confrontation. A confrontation of self and a confrontation of the people and situations we somehow found ourselves with and in. 18-year-old Philly-based future synth-soul artist Masie Blu captures this perfectly on her track "Malachite", a track about a relationship that's run off the rails, leaving you standing in it's wake asking yourself, "wut? okay bye?". But no whining or game-playing here, just "I'm just saying that I haven't heard from you/I have nothing to lose/I will keep calling you/my heart has nothing to prove/I'll be sending love your way". Like, same, girl. Same.

Listen to Masie Blu's tracks "Malachite" and "NIA" rough cut, below. Follow her on SoundCloud.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

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